The Walking Dead Stalls as the Saviors Search for Daryl’s Group

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Last week’s episode, “The Lost and the Plunderers,” ended with a moment that seemed to suggest Rick and Negan’s final confrontation might happen sooner than later, but the smart money, when it comes to this series, is to always bet on things being stretched and padded out.

Sure, it’s not like there weren’t a few nuggets of lingering story to tell out there, some Rick-free drama to hone in on, but aside from Daryl’s swampy trek to the Hilltop, along with the rest of the stray Alexandrians, “Dead or Alive Or” felt crassly useless.

A question here, before I try to dig into Negan’s new bio-warfare plan. Was Gabriel’s road trip with Dr. Carson meant to make us root for him? Was it meant to drum up some sympathy for someone who, for seasons now, has been a somewhat sanctimonious pain in the butt (whenever he was allowed to be anything at all)? Because Gabriel was such a martyr during this trek that I felt myself solidly rooting for things to go to utter s***, which they did. The pointedly on-the-nose dialogue between him and Carson also tended to aggravate more than alleviate.

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