The Flash Gives Iris Her Time to Shine

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

One of the more annoying qualities of the Arrowverse is the insistence on transforming supporting characters into metahumans. Oliver Queen has never met a friend he wouldn’t happily shove a bow at. James Olsen went through that abysmal Guardian phase in Supergirl: Season 2. And at this point, the only members of Team Flash that haven’t gained metahuman powers are Joe and iris. Well, thanks to this week’s episode, now Joe is a member in a club of one.

On paper, Iris becoming a speedster sounds like a recipe for disaster. It could easily serve as the definitive “jump the shark” moment for The Flash, assuming you’re not of the opinion that the series has already done that (I’m trying to stay optimistic still). The saving grace with “Run, Iris, Run” is that the writers didn’t attempt to treat this new development as some big, status quo-altering shift. We don’t need Iris as a permanent addition to the speedster family. But as a done-in-one adventure that allowed Iris and Barry to do a little role reversal, this premise worked well enough.

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