Kirby Star Allies Review – The Best Kirby Game Ever

As Nintendo’s chameleon character, Kirby is only as interesting as the abilities he copies. With up to four players controlling him and his new elementally powered friends, Kirby Star Allies gives him a lot to work with. You can mix, match, and combine abilities to reach greater heights than a Kirby game ever has before. Whether it’s working together to solve environmental puzzles or charging up weapons, this engaging and colorful co-op platformer allows everyone to shine in a whimsical adventure that ends just a bit too quickly.

In addition to Kirby’s trademark copying power in which he absorbs the abilities of enemies he slurps up, you can now toss hearts at enemies to turn them to your cause, letting you use their abilities at the same time. So while Kirby may start solo, you soon ally with up to three more fighters who’re controlled by your friends or a helpful AI. Together you’ll tear through the vibrant and energetic levels, and the resulting melee begins to feel more like a very cute beat-‘em-up than a traditional Kirby platformer – especially when tangling with the varied and creative bosses and minibosses. Arenas practically explode with fiery projectiles, hazardous elements, and hilarious team attacks, but thanks to the well-defined art style things never got so out of hand that I couldn’t pick out my character from the chaos.

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